Award winning wines made in CS, TX
Brazos Breeze -
semi-sweet fruit infused wines. These wines are a blend grape wine with natural fruit flavors added after the wine is complete. By the bottle $15.00


Peach Mélange - Unoaked Chardonnay infused with vibrant peach flavor, tastes like biting into a fresh peach.

Green Apple Mélange - A light Riesling with the sweet tart taste of a Granny Smith.

Strawberry Blush - White zin with the taste of fresh picked strawberries

Pomegranate Mélange - Zinfandel infused with natural pomegranate flavor.

Milano Sunset - Blackberry infused Merlot our best seller.

Cranberry Mélange - Cranberry infused Shiraz, all the great cranberry flavor, but a little less tart than cranberry juice. Fall/Winter Seasonal

Brazos Bubbly Green Apple Our green apple riesling as a bubbly, served on tap by the glass

Vin de Maison -
Dry to semi-sweet light to  medium table wines & fruit infused. By the bottle $15.00


Don's Old Country White - Moderately oaked, dry, white with smooth buttery notes and a hint of tropical fruits, clean fresh finish.

White Sangria - A semi-sweet Tangerine / Lemon infused Sauvignon Blanc.

White Cranberry- A semi-sweet with light fresh taste of white cranberry - Fall/Winter Seasonal
Acai/Raspberry - Semi-sweet red infused with natural acai and raspberry, crisp & refreshing

Don's Old Country Red - Medium bodied, dry oaky red reminiscent of traditional country blends of France

Brazos Red - Sweet, Light Nebbiolo blend. This red is for folks that don't like red wine, light fruity

Peach/Berry Sangria - Semi-sweet light red blend with natural fruit infusion, berries up front & peach on the finish

Red Zombie - Wild berry infused semi-sweet red blend, light and crisp

Sangria - Semi-sweet red with a touch of Seville orange

Summer Seasonal Blueberry Blast -
Semi-sweet blueberry infused red

Some Wine Over the Rainbow - Semi-sweet White Merlot with black currant

Donna's Blush -  Hard pink lemonade, grape wine infused with pink lemonade

Bubblies on Tap
Rainbow Fizz - Our  Some Wine Over the Rainbow as a bubbly, served on tap by the glass

Bubbly Green Apple - Our  Green Aplple Melange as a bubbly, served on tap by the glass

Donna's Bubbly Blush - Our hard pink lemonade as a bubbly, served on tap by the glass
Perrine Series -
Medium to full bodied varietal Table Wines By the bottle White $15.00/750ml;
Reds $17.00 / 750ml


ChardonnayLightly oaked French style with the a light crisp citrus note.

Pinot Grigio - Medium bodied with lemon & ripe pear flavor

Autumn Equinox - light semi-sweet white infused with pineapple & pear. Fall/Winter Seasonal

Zombie Walk Wine TM - Semi-sweet light white blend infused with coconut, & lime.

Brazos Bubbly White - Our Viognier as a bubbly, served on tap by the glass

Blushing Zombie - Semi-sweet pink grapefruit infused blush


Barbera - A CA grown Barbera with a little Italian red blended with it. Features mellow tannins, flavors of dark fruit, leather, and a light oaky finish.

Malbec - ripe plummy, and like a dark berry pie w/ clove & vanilla

Merlot - dry red w/ plum, blackberry, & clove

Pinot Noir - Juicy with red berries, cherry & truffle

Zinfandel - Old Vine - a spicy red wine with blueberry & blackberry and a light oaky finish

The Huguenot -
Our premium whites and reds and our dessert wines. Series named for Daniel "The Huguenot" Perrine, the first Perrine to come to the new world from France in the mid 1600's.

Varietal Wines and Blends  Whites $15.00 / 750ml bottle; Reds $19.00 / 750 ml bottle


Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon/Chardonnay Lightly oaked, our own special blend of three popular dry whites, if you need a premium white with dinner, this is the one to pick

Dream Quartet - Overtones of honey start this full bodied sweet blend, as it dances on the tongue and is soon followed by white peach & citrus notes with a floral finish - a true dream in a glass


Amarone -a dry blend of Italian grown Corvina, Rondinella, & Molinara varietals. It is an intense, full flavor, full bodied wine with a sweet bouquet and flavors of cherries, plums, a hint of oak & dark chocolate.

Cabernet Sauvignon - a little less fruit forward and drier than our Perrine Cab, note of chocolate on the finish

Carmin - Chilean grown Carménère - This medium to full bodied red, will tempt you with cherries and strawberries on the nose followed through with dates and chocolate on the palate.

Dante's Red - Our special edition Sangiovese which is a fundraiser for The Urban Interface a local wildlife rescue & eductional group, $5 of every bottle sold goes to this group/

Bourbon Barrel Aged Double Rouge Cuvée - Tempranillo, Malbec blend from grapes grown in Spain & Argentina, smooth & easy, an outstanding blend for all occasions

Triple Rouge Cuvée Cab, Malbec, Camenere, blend of Chilean origin with strong notes of green pepper, dark fruit and leather. Smooth tannins grace the palate followed by blackberries and spice.

Meritage Red Blend - Dry, medium to full bodied blend of Cab, Cab France Merlot, & Petit Verdot great notes of dark fruit and french oak.

Syrah - Medium bodied dry red with blackberry, plum. spice, and bit of white pepper on the finish

Dessert Wines - $16.75 / 375ml bottle

Blackberry Dessert - Port style wine infused with natural Blackberry used by the Chocolate Gallery in downtown Bryan to make their blackberry port truffle.

Black Ruby - Port style blend of 20% black currant and 80% grapes typically used in ports made in Portugal.

Chocolate Raspberry Dessert - This is our Special Edition Ruby Port style wine that we infuse with natural dark chocolate & raspberry, it doesn't get any better than this!

Ruby Red - Port style blend of 5 different CA grown grapes typically used in ports made in Portugal.

Orange Ruby - Our Ruby port infused with natural orange & chocolate

Sirius Spice - Spiced ruby port style dessert wine

Solstice - Cream Sherry style wine rich with sweet raisin, vanilla & coffee throughout & a nutty finish

Iced Blue - Ice style Riesling sweet & crisp

Glass prices $5.50 to $7.00