2015 - Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Vin de Maison series Don's Old Country Red - Bronze

2015 - San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo
Huguenot Shiraz - Silver
Huguenot Tempranillo - Bronze
Huguenot Dream Quartet - Bronze

2015 - Florida State Fair International Wine Competition
Brazos Bubbly White - Silver
Brazos Bubbly Green Apple - Bronze

2015 - Finger Lakes International Wine Competition
Perrine Cab - Bronze
Perrine Riesling - Bronze
Perrine Malbec - Bronze

2014 - American Wine Society Commercial Wine Competition
Huguenot Shiraz - Silver
Perrine Cab - Bronze

2014 - Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Perrine Zinfandel - Silver
Perrine Pinot Grigio - Bronze
Perrine Malbec - Bronze
The Huguenot Ruby Red dessert wine - Bronze

2014 - Indy International
Purdue University, West La Fayette, IN
Perrine Muscat (Moscato) - Silver
Perrine Petite Sirah - Silver

2014 - Finger Lakes International
Rochester, NY
The Huguenot Cabernet Sauvignon - Silver
Brazos Breeze Tropical Mélange - Silver
Brazos Breeze Green Apple Mélange - Bronze
Perrine Gewurztraminer - Bronze

2014 - International East Meets West Challenge
Sonoma County, CA
The Huguenot Meritage Red Blend - Silver
The Huguenot Orange Ruby dessert wine - Bronze

2013 Medals

American Wine Society National Commercial Competition
Sandusky, OH
Perrine Cabernet Sauvignon - Silver

Finger Lakes Intentional
Rochester, NY
Nebbiolo - Silver

Southwest US Wine Challenge
Prescott, AZ
Solstice sweet dessert wine - Gold - Best of Class
Perrine Merlot - Silver
Perrine Pinot Noir - Silver
Perrine Sauvignon Blanc - Silver

Eastern International
Sonoma County, CA
Brazos Breeze Peach Mélange - Silver
Huguenot Chocolate Raspberry - Bronze

San Antonio International
San Antonio, TX
Perrine Barbera - Gold
Perrine Cabernet Franc - Gold
Shiraz - Bronze
Viognier - Bronze
Zinfandel - Bronze
Heritage Red Cuvée - Bronze
Black Ruby - Bronze

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Huguenot, Double Rouge - Silver
Perrine Pink Muscat (Moscato) - Silver
Perrine Cabernet Sauvignon - Bronze
Huguenot, Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon/Chardonnay Blend

2012 Medals

International Women's Wine Competition
Sonoma County, CA
Huguenot, Blackberry DessertDouble Gold, Best of Class
Our Blackberry dessert wine is our Ruby Red Port style wine with a natural blackberry infusion
Huguenot, Tempranillo - Silver
Huguenot, Double Blanc Cuvee - Silver
Huguenot, Malbec - Bronze
Perrine Sangiovese - Bronze

International Next-Gen Wine Competition
Sonoma County, CA
Huguenot Iced BlueDouble Gold, Best of Class
Iced Blue is our Riesling dessert wine
Brazos Breeze Pomegranate Mélange - Bronze

Indy International
West La Fayette, IN
Huguenot, Triple Rouge CuveeGold
Triple Rouge is a Cab/Malbec/Carmenere of Chilean origin
Vin de Maison, Don's Old Country Red - Bronze
Vin de Maison, Brazos Red - Bronze
Vin de Maison, Some Wine Over the Rainbow - Bronze
Huguenot, Ruby Red - Bronze

Finger Lakes International
Rochester, NY
Perrine Riesling – Bronze
Brazos Breeze, Cranberry Mélange - Bronze

Lone Star International
Grapevine, TX
Huguenot, Iced BlueSilver
Perrine Malbec – Bronze
Brazos Breeze, Milano Sunset – Bronze
Huguenot, Heritage White - Bronze

All of our award winning wines (and those yet to be medal winners) are made on-sight in College Station, Texas.

E-mail Beth@PerrineWinery.com or Rick@PerrineWinery.com for more information or just stop by and check us out.

Our Award Winning Wines
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